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 2021 CFVPI has a new location 

To insure the safety of our clients and visitors.  CFVPI has moved to a new location. 

CFVPI still offers services and support 

in the following counties 

Carroll, Haralson, Coweta, Cobb, Douglas and Polk County 

[email protected] for more information 

Community Family Violence Prevention Initiative 

CFVPI opens it's first community resource center in Villa Rica October 2019 .  Serving Carroll and  West Georgia since 2016. 

Open 24 hours a day by appointment. 

Trained and certified victims assistance advocates

Phone: 678-590-9158

If you or someone  you love is in immediate danger 

please call 911. National Domestic Violence Helpline 


Awareness Prevention Education and Support 

 Welcome to Community Family Violence Prevention Initiative 


Family Domestic Violence inflicts deep emotional, physical, and spiritual harm on those who endure it. It inflicts long term damage to communities robbing people of opportunity, safety and peace. IMA World Health Organization

We are excited to have your partner with on this much needed community service.

We are transforming lives through





One of the many services CFPVI provides is educating victims of family violence laws, their rights under these laws and the programs in our state and community available to them, such as crime victims compensation program.

The population in our judicial circuit is much too vast making it impossible to meet the needs of many victims impacted by family violence.

Victims are not properly being identified and/or assisted due to a lack of education and an overburdened legal system. As a survivor, I know first- hand how difficult it is to navigate these programs which is why CFVPI was organized. I invested my life savings into this much needed program and have dedicated my life to helping others walk through the most difficult times of their lives.

Community Family Violence Prevention Initiative is privately funded non- profit earning Georgia Victims Assistance Program through the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordination Counsel in May of 2018.

Our services include:

Confidential risk assessments by a certified victim’s advocate

Immediate safe housing offsite in an undisclosed location

Transportation Assistance

Financial Assistance to single parents who co-parent with former abusive partners

Educating victims about laws that protect them and their rights

Writing Orders of Protection for victims

Healthy Relationship Classes

Most importantly we offer emotional support with a peer support specialist who has lived and survived family domestic violence.

With the help of dedicated volunteer staff we are able to maintain an operating budget of $4,800 a month. We offer 24/7 support.

WE are asking for a small seed monthly commitment starting at $20. WE need your generous support. Community Family Violence Prevention Initiative 

No one entity stands alone, we are equally responsible for the quality of life in our community.

"Tima" Marilyn Humphries


I am a SURVIVOR of Family Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse.

The decision to break my silence and share my story changed the course of my destiny. I have dedicated my life to educating and empowering others.