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"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves ensure justice for those being exploited and crushe​d" Proverbs 31:9 

We must insure all resources are working together to support families if they are  to overcome the physical, emotional and spiritual devastation of  Family Domestic Violence.

Family Domestic Violence has no boundaries and cares not what ethnicity you are, where you work, income, social status or education level. It is not a cultural concern, but a human concern. 

Victims Assistance 

Respond to crisis calls

Provide Risk Assessment

Develope Safety Planning

Connect victims with local and state resources 

Inform Victims of Family Violence Act & Laws which protect them 

Provide emergency safe lodging and immediate financial assistance to victims 

Emotional Peer Support 

Prevention Education 

Training for Professionals 

Family Violence Prevention Educational Workshops and Seminars 

Facilitate Healthly Relationship Classes

Conduct Middle and High School Teen Dating Violence Workshops

Teach Understanding Men 101 Adult Classes 

Community Outreach 

Public Service Announcements 

Supply Public and Private sectors with Helpline Literature resources and information

Attend and Exhibit at community events  

Prevention Education & Resources 

Speaking Engagements - Awareness & Empowerment 


Promote Political and Social Change 

Membership GCADV - Carroll County Chamber of Commmerce  

Engage Community Stakeholders, civic orgnaizations and businesses 

Bridge the gap between local service providers and the faith based community 


Community Family Violence Prevention Initiative     Serving West Georgia        678-590-9158

    We provide Victims Assistance and

Public Education. 

 Respond to crisis calls

Risk Assessment

Safety Planning

Connect victims with local and state resources 

Public Education:Public Service Announcements

Speaking Engagements

Prevention Education & Training

Workshops, seminars & classes

Community Outreach​